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Re: Debian Crypto in Main document...

>>"Bdale" == Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

 Bdale> srivasta@debian.org (Manoj Srivastava) writes:
 >> depending on how far the integration of crypto spreads into software
 >> that has traditionally not had crypto, and thus been in main,
 >> reverting may cause enough of software to have to go to non-us/main
 >> that the distribution left in main would be crippled.

 Bdale> Instead, wouldn't this just force us to move the master site
 Bdale> outside the US? 

	Perhaps.  But even that solution has drawbacks.  Consider what
 happens to erstwhile non crypto packages, with maintainers that
 reside in the united states, who now have to let go of these packages
 when they move to non-US (since they may not be permitted to export
 the packages). Indeed, this prospect may well slow down the
 integration of crypto hooks into packages.

	There are also considerations of having a bandwidth donor,
 connectivity issues, and we shall have to revisit crypto and non
 crypto official CD images. 

	Mirrors in the US may also have to be revisited, if the crypto
 rules are ever reversed.

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