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[Result] Moving to the FHS: ...

Short form:

When moving to FHS, we need to provide /usr/doc/<package> ->
/usr/share/doc/<package> symlink for backwards fsstnd compatability.

Long form:

See the debian-ctte mail archives.

Basically, however, Wichert asked the
committee for a migration strategy on August 5:

Since then, we've gotten the committee roughly functioning,
and every committee member has at least posted that
they're still active.  The voting period ended with
three votes for the proposal which we approved:

[Reminder: in the technical committee, the quorum is 2 and the voting
period is a week -- less if the outcomme is obvious before then.]

There was a minor glitch in voting: two of the votes were never actually
approved by their casters -- I approved them just a few minutes ago, but
they won't have URLs till tomorrow.  They were cast during the voting
period, all technical committee members were mailed copies of these votes,
and there's no sign that the casters intend to change their votes, or that
any of the silent committee members intend to vote for anything different.

Anyways, one vote is:

And, I'm guessing the other two votes will show up as:


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