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Re: [vote] I'm changing my vote

Ok, I'm changing my vote (again).

1st preference: 1	forest of symlinks
2nd preference: 3	revert fsstnd->fhs directory changes, with advice
3rd preference: 0	further discussion


I wonder if I ought to disqualify myself for being so uncertain about
this issue.  I don't like any of these options.

For this reason, and because there's no tie, I'm not adding my chairman's
vote to the mix.  I guess I'm hoping that someone else will speak up and
point out some other fundamental issue that I'm missing.

Also, for the long run, it would be good to implement an
update-fsstnd-link program (args: add/remove and packagename).  This way
this transition policy could be updated without having to change every
deployed package.  This would require that every essential package predepend
on the package (fhs-support?) which supplies this program, and would require
mention in the release notes for people who install potato packages on 
slink systems.


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