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Re: /usr/doc transition and other things

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> It was my understanding that this situation could be resolved in the same
 Dale> fashion that the man and info transitions were. By making the docs viewing
 Dale> programs aware of both the old and new locations, and back porting them
 Dale> into slink, the broken tools issue is resolved.

 Dale> In fact there is no real need to back-port these fixed tools into slink.
 Dale> You only need to make the transitioning packages depend on the newer
 Dale> version of the viewers and even incremental upgrades will work just fine.
 Dale> (note, we do this all the time with libc when it breaks older versions of
 Dale> other, unrelated, packages)

 Dale> As a result, it was my understanding that (b) was a moot point and not
 Dale> what we, as the technical committee, were being asked to resolve.

        This sounds good.

 Dale> It appears that you intend the symlink farm to extend to man and info
 Dale> pages as well? That was not clear in your proposal to the committee.

        Sorry, please ignore my blethering on this point. I must have
 been asleep (that's it -- my excuse is sleep deprivation). No, I did
 not mean to extend the symlink farm to man/info, since the programs
 can handle multiple dirs by a simple configuration change.

 >> Partial upgrades from slink to woody would have problems, but
 >> adding stuff to slink-updates (Joey's proposal) would fix that.

 Dale> As would adding dependencies to the appropriate packages.

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