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Re: /usr/doc transition and other things

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

 >> Nope, you don't get it.

        How to win friends and influence people ;-)

 Dale> As the rest of the committee seemed to take your proposal as
 Dale> being "not to the point" I submit that I'm not the one who
 Dale> "don't get it".

 Dale> If it isn't "maintain the old location during the transition"
 Dale> then please inform my ignorant self, as I may need to change my
 Dale> vote.

        There are two issues involved:
 a) The principle of least surprise, which is the frustration involved
    in reading the docs in two different locations. The symlink
    solution addresses this 
  b) incremental upgrades to unstable packages from unstable, which
    makes documentation not be accessable with tools such as dwww,
    man, ect. Joey's stable upgrades solution addresses that.

        The stable-upgrades solution has no impact on the former
 problem, and the symlinks solution only addresses the latter in a non
 optimal fashion. The symlink solution does have the side effect of
 making (b) above less critical, though.

        I never made (b) a part of my proposal either before the
 policy list of before cebian-ctte, since I felt that a) was important
 enough to require a solution, and it made (b) less time critical, and
 we could deal with it by ensuring that all the packages in potato
 dealt with /usr/share/doc.

        The symlink solution would ensure that partial upgrades to
 potato would work with man/info/whatever packages that had not been
 upgraded, and since potato should have fixed packages, partial
 upgrades from potato to woody would work as well.

        Partial upgrades from slink to woody would have problems, but
 adding stuff to slink-updates (Joey's proposal) would fix that.

        With the symlink proposal adopted, Joey's proposal would only
 be required for partial slink-->> woody upgrades.

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