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Re: /usr/doc issue

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> 1. Accept symlink farm proposal <have no idea whose idea this was>

        It should be no surprise to anyone that I would vote yes on this.

 Dale> 2. Freeze current situation:

 Dale>      A. All other FHS specifications are policy with the exception
 Dale>         of moving /usr/doc to /<where did we want to put it again?>/.

 Dale>      B. Packages that have already moved to the new location, may remain
 Dale>         there. Only if a link to /usr/doc is provide will these packages 
 Dale>         meet Policy.

 Dale>      C. All other FHS compliance continues at current pace, according to
 Dale>         the dictates of Policy.

        This I could live with, but there has to be some indication
 this is temporary, and indeed, there should be a time table for the
 /usr/doc move (partial, and tentative it may be, but a timetable

 Dale> 3. Roll back to FSSTD for /usr/doc ONLY!

        The only difference between this and the previous propsal is
 the removal of 2B, correct? I like this less than 2 above.

 Dale>      Q? Pretty self explanitory...


 Dale> 4. Roll back to FSSTD for everything and give the complete problem some
 Dale>    more study, hopfully yielding a process for transition.

 Dale>    I think this is Ian's proposal, but it got _more_ complex rather than
 Dale>    less, and I'm not sure I understand all the "proceedural" aspects of
 Dale>    his latest proposal.

        I strongly object to this one. 

 Dale> OK, thats it!

 Dale> Does anyone see any reasonable proposal that I have missed?

        I have just put forth an amendment to Ians proposal 4 to make
 in more in line with 2 (freeze now)

 Dale> Do we need to discuss the relative merits of any of these?

        If we all voiced our opinions and rationale for each of the
 proposals (a one liner would do), I would feel better. No discussion
 beyond the first mail from all of us need occur.

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