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Told you so ;-)

I _am_ terribly sorry to have inflicted myself on this group, and
especially Manoj, as a result of my own personal problems. My Dad has been
truly nasty the past several days, which is an indication that he is doing
better, but it is really hard to take such crap from someone you love.
Still that is no excuse for my blowup of last night. There was no reason
to inflict my pain on everyone else. My sincerest appologies.

Manoj: While I think there may be some grains of truth in my rant to you, 
I had no business dressing you down, and certainly not in public. Please
accept my personal appologies, and know that you still have my sincerest
respect. I know that you, as well as the rest of us, are doing the best
job you know how, and for whatever additional load of baggage I tried to
dump on you, I am deeply sorry.


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