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Re: Procedure for submitting requests for clarification to the committee

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> I would posit that the reason we are dormant is that no one has
 Dale> asked yet for a decission from us.

        Quite so. 

 Dale> It seems to me that the more we advertise our existance and the
 Dale> proceedures that we are designing/working under, the more we
 Dale> encourage malcontents to try to use the facilities.

        Yes, but ... we provide no benefit to the project if we are a
 cabalistic secret ;-). It is one thing to say the ctte has done
 nothing cause noone asked us to do anything, and quite another to try
 and sink into obscurity by delibrate inaction.

 Dale> Well, I don't see the problem...multiple requests for our
 Dale> attention need not be handled in the order in which we recieve
 Dale> them. If someone is trying to reverse, or pre-reverse, a
 Dale> decission of the group, even if we got coopted into the
 Dale> argument, there are adequate protections within the
 Dale> constitution to keep whatever we might decide from overruling
 Dale> the majority opinion.

        All right.

 Dale> In any case, two points:

 Dale> 1. The ctte needs no advertising or additional public access
 Dale>    proceedures.  These could only hasten the senario you have
 Dale>    been suggesting.

        I am not happy with this not swamped because we are outa
 sight, outa mind hypothesis. It may be true, but this is not
 something I would like us to perpetuate. 

 Dale> 2. You obviously had no trouble getting our attention, so I see no major
 Dale>    impediment to others who need our services.

        I should hope not, but I am a member. I was thinking more
 about developers less fortunate than I in knowing about this august
 body ;-)

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