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Re: Procedure for submitting requests for clarification to the committee

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> It was my understanding that this committee was very much a
 Dale> last resort feature, to be used only when the two sides of an
 Dale> issue were hopelessly deadlocked. Such circumstances should be
 Dale> quite obvious.

        What if there are no two parties? What if there is a complex
 technical issue at hand, and no one seems to be able to agree to a
 compromise solution? What if sch a problem relates to the project as
 a whole? 

 Dale> I was intrigued by your idea that the committee might refuse to
 Dale> hear a case. As we are the instrument of last resort, and the
 Dale> "final appeal", I'm not sure we want to take a position like
 Dale> that. I believe that requiring both sides to ask for a
 Dale> decission from us is enough protection from the abuses you
 Dale> fear.

        Well, that may well nueter the ctte. We may need to use the
 ctte to ram through technical solutions, which should never depend on
 a vote in the forst place. Ian has always contended that voting on
 technical issues is wrong, and I agree. 

        I would like to think of the ctte as analogous to the US
 supreme court -- the court of last appeal, which does reserve the
 right to refuse to hear cases. While also having the last word on all
 cases, there also exists a procedure that limits the number of cases
 presented to the court.

 Dale> Is there some issue looming on the horizon that you think we
 Dale> need to plan for? For that matter, was there some reason to
 Dale> keep this to the ctte list?  Could we use some public
 Dale> discussion on this?

        Yes, the re is an issue that I, and wichert, wish to raise
 before the ctte. However, I do not wish to cloud this debate with the
 specifics of the situation.

        I was hoping for a quick consensus, since this was a minor
 procedural matter, but I should have known better ;-). We could move
 this to any other list, if you wish.

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