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Re: Help with MariaDB 10.5 cross-building?

On Mon, 20 Feb 2023 at 13:58, Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> wrote:
> please avoid mailing me on cross compilation questions directly.
> Instead, please mail debian-cross@lists.debian.org. This reaches a wider
> audience and increases your chances for a timely response. Thanks.

Noted. You might want to mention this in the footer at

> We can see that mariadb already has a native build pass and exports
> tools to be used in the cross build. I suppose, uca-dump was added
> rather recently and was missed here. The big question though is whether
> uca-dump actually behaves the same on all architectures. Would it be
> possible for you to run it on various systems and compare the resulting
> header? Usually the important comparisons are big endian vs little
> endian and 32bit vs 64bit, which amounts to 3 builds if done right.
> Another approach is dumping the resulting header to the build log and
> uploading a thus modified package to experimental. Then one can scrape
> the header from the build logs.
> If one assumes that uca-dump behaves the same on different
> architectures, then fixing this issue is a relatively simple matter of
> adding it to exported executables. I'm attaching a patch for your
> convenience. Please only apply it after verifying that its output is
> indeed architecture-independent.

Thanks Helmut for the advice!

If one of our contributors (Faustin? Tuukka?) can file an MR at
with suitable code for dumping the header as Helmut suggested, I can
upload it to Launchpad (which has both 64 and 32 bit builders and both
endianness) so we can see the result in the logs, and if needed I
could also include that in the next Debian experimental upload.

- Otto

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