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Re: The :native qualifier for cross building

Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <josch@debian.org> writes:

> Hi Phil,
> Quoting Philip Hands (2022-09-19 11:40:19)
>> Thanks for your very clear explanation.
>> I think it would be marvellous if, when test-crossbuild-package-arm64
>> fails, it would point people towards finding an explanation like this.
> I think the problem there is, that it's quite hard to parse FTBFS error
> messages and turn them into the correct advise for package maintainers, telling
> them what they can do to fix them.

Well, there was certainly this:


which touches on some of what you're on about, but in a way that doesn't
really help someone who doesn't already know everything written there.

I probably skimmed this:


but since localechooser isn't a library, it didn't seem overly relevant,
beyond giving the hint that udebs don't need to worry too much (hence my
suspicion that I should probably just disable the test and move on)

I also came across this in my travels:


which now that I look at it again seems to contain much of what you
explained, but dives into the detail in a way that makes it pretty hard
to get any information out of it as a newcomer to the subject.

Perhaps the Salsa-CI section there could have a collection of failure
scenarios, and what one is supposed to do about them.

I think the problem may be that the documentation as it stands seems to
be mostly focused on what one needs to do in order to fix the
depended-upon packages to make them Multi-Arch (which is completely
understandable), but that the failures of the test job are presumably
going to mostly happen in the packages that depend upon packages that
happen to currently be non-multi-arch (as was the case with
localechooser). If so, then the person getting the warning is likely to
be at one remove from the package that has a problem, and might well
have no idea about how to best address the underlying cause.

Cheers, Phil.
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