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cross-building d-i


pabs made us aware of
https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debian-installer/-/merge_requests/24 on
IRC. I wrote with Samuel and Frédéric privately and this has resulted in a
number of questions and new bugs that I wanted to make you guys aware of. Here
is an overview:

 * genext2fs should not be marked :native -- I will mark it as M-A:foreign
 * genisoimage should be marked as M-A:foreign, see #898058
 * libbogl-dev was split into M-A:same libbogl-dev and M-A:foreign
   libbogl-tools in experimental
 * what about apt and apt-utils? I have the feeling that apt exposes tons of
   architecture-dependent interfaces...
 * xorriso was made M-A:foreign in #1019935
 * grub-ieee1275-bin should probably not be M-A:foreign, see #1019957

Thanks to Samuel for filing all these bugs!

cheers, josch

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