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cross-building on salsa (was Re: Speedup when using qemu to cross-build packages.)

On 9/8/22 13:31, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:

Some good news are, that our gitlab CI systems now automatically add a
cross-build job to the default packaging pipeline, so there is some visibility
for maintainers that use our gitlab CI to make their package cross-buildable.
Unfortunately, many failures are problems in other packages, like gcc-for-host.

that made me think: maybe we could fix the CI-job to hard-fail if the build-process itself fails, but soft-fail (which is now the default for all cases), if the dependencies cannot be resolved.

that would give the maintainers more incentive to fix the problems they can fix within the package itself.

of course, this would still soft-fail if there's an problem in the B-D section of d/control (e.g. if a B-D requires to be annotated with ":native", but currently is not).

and of course, it would then hard-fail if (the B-Ds can be resolved but) one of the B-Ds misbehaves.

do we have stats about the latter case?


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