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Re: rmdir: failed to remove '/var/lock': Directory not empty

On Thu, May 12, 2022 at 01:59:18PM +0800, Bo YU wrote:
> It is definitely to perform a cross build this time. As johan explaned,
> I know I am wrong with sbuild-createchroot usage.

This is self-contradictory. Johannes explained how to create a foreign
chroot, but a foreign chroot is unsuitable for cross building. It looks
like you are facing an X-Y-problem. Please let us know what you really
want to do.

I guess that you want to cross build packages for riscv64 on an amd64
machine. If that is the case, your messing with sbuild-createchroot is
totally misguided. Your existing chroot for native building on amd64 is
already suitable for cross building. You don't need anything else.
sbuild will handle it all for you. You just pass --host and you're done.

Note that since riscv64 is not a release architecture, your chroot needs
to contain debian-ports-keyring and enable binary packages from

That guess may be wrong. Quite possibly you do not want to perform a
cross build despite saying so. Possibly, your intention is to perform a
native build in an emulated environment. In that case, you'd use qemu to
emulate the whole build environment. We don't call that cross build and
it is not on-topic for debian-cross@l.d.o, but if that's what you want
to do, Johannes told you what you need to know.


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