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Dependencies of linux-headers-<arch> packages


the kernel header packages have a dependency to c/c++ compilers.
E.g. the "linux-headers-5.10.0-10-arm64" package depends on gcc-10:arm64 -> cpp-10:arm64 (on bullseye).

This becomes an issue when cross-compiling kernel modules for other target architectures:
The linux-headers packages cannot be co-installed due to the not co-installable cpp-<x> packages.

By that, cross-compilation of kernel modules for other Debian targets is currently not possible (at least without removing the hosts cpp infrastructure).

What is the reason to depend on compilers here?
Wouldn't be a "recommends" relation be sufficient here?
An alternative might also be to depend via `:native`, but I did not check that yet.

Note: also adding the Debian-kernel list in CC.

Best regards,
Felix Moessbauer

Siemens AG, Technology, T CED SES-DE
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 München, Germany

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