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Re: Bug#862338: libsmbclient is not multi-arch co-installable due to samba-libs->python-talloc

Hi Andrew,

2 листопада 2021 р. 05:31:26 UTC, Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> написав(-ла):
>My recommendation is that someone works with us upstream to kill samba-
>libs, which would reduce the set. It should be a SUBSYSTEM used by the
>python module in the same directory only.
>Then work to disable the C->python bindings except in a selftest build
>(we don't go C->python in production, only Python -> C). That will
>remove the problem once and for all.
>But do this upstream.

Makes sense! What Helmut proposed is a perfect task for machine learning but
moving files here and there without solution of root cause is a waste of efforts.

Basically, I am very new to Samba development. While I do understand conceptually
what you recommend here, I'd like to understand the scope of work needed in a
greater detail to plan my time carefully. Which part of Samba documentation should
I read first on its architecture? It would be great to get a roadmap for this epic so
we can find more people who can be involved in it.
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