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Re: Need help, trying to cross-build LibNXT

Hi Helmut,

* Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> [2021-10-31 19:32]:
> [...]
> > Do you know why it chooses to install it for host system, and how I can
> > force it to install it for build system?
> I'm unsure at this point, but I think the most likely issue is bad
> timing.
> Until two days ago, gcc-arm-none-eabi was not marked Multi-Arch:
> foreign. Your build was performed around a day ago. I guess that it used
> the old version. The latest upload fixed #960166 and I think that should
> fix your problem. I tried locally and it uses the right
> gcc-arm-none-eabi here.
> Please retry. If that doesn't fix your issue, please reply. I'll
> consider the lack of a reply as confirmation of my guess.

Thanks for your response, your guess is right. It is indeed fixed, it
also works on salsa CI.


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