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Re: Bug#996627: kodi-data: Kodi cannot be installed on a foreign architecture

Hi Helmut!

>I vaguely guess that we're in case b) here.

You are absolutely correct! Kodi data package hosts code which is executed by Kodi binary and
it depends on python3:any.

>If you don't like removing
>Multi-Arch: foreign from kodi-data, there is another way out: Move the
>python modules to a new kodi-python-addons package. Move the relevant
>python dependencies to this package. Make it Architecture: any (not
>all). It can become Multi-Arch: same, but that won't help much. Any user
>of it must depend on kodi-python-addons directly. A dependency from
>kodi-data to kodi-python-addons is not sufficient (as kodi-data is
>supposed to remain Multi-Arch: foreign).

This is what I want to do!

However, this points to another drawback: we can not propagate modified packages to
stable and oldstable-bpo. So I guess removing "Multi-Arch: foreign" is better for 19.x
and for 20.x I am going to implement the refactored scheme of packages.

Is that OK to just drop "m-a: foreign" from kodi-data:all or I need something more to fix?
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16 жовтня 2021 р. 16:22:09 UTC, Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> написав(-ла):
>I think this bug has been diverted to being able to use widevinecdm.
>While that turns the original request a little academic, there still is
>a bug there.
>On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 02:07:19PM +0200, Justus Winter wrote:
>> 13:37 <teythoon> but, kodi-data (which is ma: foreign) depends on
>>       python3-pycryptodome which contains architecture-dependent code
>>       aiui
>This raises the question of why kodi-data depends on
>python3-pycryptodome. There are basically two reasonable answers:
>a) It provides programs (something you can run from a shell) that happen
>   to use python3-pycryptodome. In this case, kodi-data also must depend
>   on a python3 interpreter.
>b) It provides python modules that use python3-pycryptodome (to be
>   imported by other packages). In this case, kodi-data must not be
>   marked Multi-Arch: foreign.
>So regardless of the widevinecdm issue, this is a bug in kodi-data.

>Now this all doesn't solve the problem of foreign installation, but we
>can only really think about that once we have correct metadata.
>Once it has been fixed and a week has passed, we should look into
>https://bootstrap.debian.net/foreign_install/kodi.html. It gives a good
>overview of the outstanding metadata issues.
>I hope this makes sense to you. If it does not, please don't hesitate to

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