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cross-building with salsa-ci


i'm not really into cross-building myself, but i do like the feedback i occassionally get from helmut, fixing cross-building issues with my packets.

in order to streamline cross-compilation support for Debian packages, i thought it would be nice to have a salsa-ci job that attempts to do so. i've created a feature request [189] a while ago, but so far, responses have been minimal.
otoh, helmut mentioned on IRC that

so today i've just started to hack a bit, adding an ad-hoc job for cross-compilation and i got a result. [1716689] hooray!

the job is based on the normal salsa-ci "build" job, which calls 'dpkg-buildpackage' directly.

the script itself is a total mess so far (heck, that was just a proof-of-concept!), and can be found at:

minor things i noticed:
- i used ${CROSSBUILD_ARCH} as the variable that holds the target architecture. should i use DEB_HOST_ARCH instead? (of course i'm always confused by host/build/target); but more importantly, is setting DEB_HOST_ARCH as a global environment variable (for the crossbuild job) a good idea in general, or do i get things backwards here?

- in order for dpkg-shlibdeps to work correctly, i had to manually install `libc:${CROSSBUILD_ARCH}` (see [1716620]). do you think this is an issue with build-dependencies of my package (afaict, no package explicitly b-depends on libc), a problem with "no-recommends" when installing crossbuild-essential, an issue with `equivs` (that is used to install the build-dependencies of the source package in the standard salsa-ci jobs) or something else?

i'm currently in the brainstorming phase, so any input is welcome.


PS: i'm not subscribed to the list; please CC me in any responses

[189] [https://salsa.debian.org/salsa-ci-team/pipeline/-/issues/189]
[1716689] [https://salsa.debian.org/umlaeute/pd-mrpeach/-/jobs/1716689]
[1716620] [https://salsa.debian.org/umlaeute/pd-mrpeach/-/jobs/1716620]

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