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Re: Bug#963254: gcc-10: d/rules.def, set AQ to :all for cross build

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 02:34:35PM +0800, YunQiang Su wrote:
> No clear sense.
> I just wonder that will conficts happen for native gcc:i686 conflict with
> gcc-i686-linux-gnu:amd64?
> if gcc-i686-linux-gnu:amd64 is marked as Multi-Arch:foreign.

Well yes, there will be conflicts. Those conflicts are entirely
independent of the M-A value though. You see gcc-i686-linux-gnu:amd64
will contain /usr/bin/i686-linux-gnu-gcc. gcc:i686 presently contains
the same file. You cannot coinstall gcc-i686-linux-gnu:amd64 and
gcc:i386 in any case.

> And how about if multi foreign architecutures are added, for example:
> i686> dpkg --add-architecutre amd64 arm64 ppc64el
> ?

Well, you install only one compiler targeting i386. You get to choose
from which of these architectures you want to install the compiler.

You can only install one package owning /usr/bin/i686-linux-gnu-gcc at a
time. This seems pretty normal to me. What's the issue?


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