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hurd rebootstrap cleanup


The attached patch cleans the hurd rebootstrap script a bit:

- there is no libc header conflict any more
- #818618 is not an issue any more
- gnumach and hurd have proper stage1 build-deps.
- update the mig build-deps.
- fix message about last hurd stage which is now stage2, not stage3.

diff --git a/bootstrap.sh b/bootstrap.sh
index f5bdd78..4f32ae3 100755
--- a/bootstrap.sh
+++ b/bootstrap.sh
@@ -922,8 +1020,6 @@ builddep_glibc() {
-			# undeclared file conflict between libc6-dev-i386:amd64 and hurd-headers-dev:hurd-i386
-			apt_get_remove libc6-dev-i386
 			apt_get_install "gnumach-dev:$1" "hurd-headers-dev:$1" "mig$HOST_ARCH_SUFFIX"
@@ -1260,12 +1399,6 @@ buildenv_gzip() {
 add_automatic hostname
-patch_hurd() {
-	echo "working around #818618"
-	sed -i -e '/^#.*818618/d;s/^#//' debian/control
 add_automatic icu
 add_automatic isl
 add_automatic isl-0.18
@@ -2639,8 +2958,8 @@ if test "$(dpkg-architecture "-a$HOST_ARCH" -qDEB_HOST_ARCH_OS)" = hurd; then
 if test -f "$REPODIR/stamps/gnumach_1"; then
 	echo "skipping rebuild of gnumach stage1"
-	$APT_GET install debhelper sharutils autoconf automake texinfo
 	cross_build_setup gnumach gnumach_1
+	apt_get_build_dep "-a$HOST_ARCH" --arch-only -Pstage1 ./
 	drop_privs dpkg-buildpackage -B "-a$HOST_ARCH" -Pstage1 -uc -us
 	cd ..
 	pickup_packages ./*.deb
@@ -2711,10 +3030,9 @@ if test "$(dpkg-architecture "-a$HOST_ARCH" -qDEB_HOST_ARCH_OS)" = hurd; then
 if test -f "$REPODIR/stamps/hurd_1"; then
 	echo "skipping rebuild of hurd stage1"
-	apt_get_install texinfo debhelper dh-exec autoconf dh-autoreconf gawk flex bison autotools-dev perl
 	cross_build_setup hurd hurd_1
-	dpkg-checkbuilddeps -B "-a$HOST_ARCH" -Pstage1 || :
-	drop_privs dpkg-buildpackage -d -B "-a$HOST_ARCH" -Pstage1 -uc -us
+	apt_get_build_dep "-a$HOST_ARCH" --arch-only -P stage1 ./
+	drop_privs dpkg-buildpackage -B "-a$HOST_ARCH" -Pstage1 -uc -us
 	cd ..
 	ls -l
 	pickup_packages *.changes
@@ -2730,7 +3048,7 @@ if test -f "$REPODIR/stamps/mig_1"; then
 	echo "skipping rebuild of mig cross"
 	cross_build_setup mig mig_1
-	apt_get_install dpkg-dev debhelper "gnumach-dev:$HOST_ARCH" flex libfl-dev bison dh-autoreconf
+	apt_get_install dpkg-dev debhelper dh-exec dh-autoreconf "gnumach-dev:$HOST_ARCH" flex libfl-dev bison
 	drop_privs dpkg-buildpackage -d -B "--target-arch=$HOST_ARCH" -uc -us
 	cd ..
 	ls -l
@@ -2917,7 +3235,7 @@ else
 	drop_privs rm -Rf hurd_2
 apt_get_install "hurd-dev:$HOST_ARCH"
-progress_mark "hurd stage3 cross build"
+progress_mark "hurd stage2 cross build"
 # Skip libxcrypt for musl until #947193 is resolved.

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