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Re: mig cross-toolchain

Helmut Grohne, le ven. 19 juin 2020 20:56:23 +0200, a ecrit:
> Thank you for working on this. When you talk about cross toolchains,
> please Cc debian-cross@lists.debian.org. Doing so now.

Ok, I wasn't sure since that was more a bootstrap concern.

> In principle yes. Since the target architecture is part of the package
> name and encoded in command names, we consider it not affecting the
> interface.

Yes, whatever the host arch, the result will be the same for the given

> There is one major exception. Some tools (such as binutils) allow
> loading of plugins (shared objects). I'm not aware of any such system in
> mig,

We don't have this indeed.  I'll fix that then.

> > I guess it's the reboostrap automatic build that does not support
> > merging with previous builds for another architecture?
> Yes. This is a limitation of rebootstrap. It really is a hacky script
> that barely gets stuff built, but is relatively stupid otherwise.

Ok :)

> However, I think that this is irrelevant due to another issue.

Actually, in practice ATM, mig-i686-gnu:amd64 remains installed from its
amd64 build, and fills the dep of mig-for-host:hurd-i386, and thus it's
not a problem that it is not actually available from the repo any more.


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