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Re: Bug#949789: Please provide a makefile snippet with common variables used during building perl modules

On Mon, 25 May 2020 11:40:15 +0100, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:

> > > So I'm OK with centralizing this somehow in perl-xs-dev (aka. libperl-dev).
> > Hm, perl-xs-dev is only needed for arch:any packages but we might
> > want to add other variables which are (also) used in arch:all
> > packages as well.
> I don't think it hurts to ask packages needing this to build-dep on
> libperl-dev if they need access to this variable. I don't think we should
> ship such a file in a non-dev package, unless we have a clear and
> reasonable runtime use for it (my worry is that people will start
> using it for the wrong thing otherwise, which will make it harder to
> change later).

Having the makefile in a dev package, and having to explicitly
build-depend on it makes sense to me.

What makes me a bit uneasy is maybe a bikeshed thing: The name and
semantics of the package to put it in. libperl-dev is for embedding
perl; perl-xs-dev was invented for (cross-compiling support of)
arch:any/XS packages; now we are talking about (a) generic (arch:any +
arch:all) packaging support file(s) - and creating yet another package
just for one file is overkill as well.

(Sorry, that was just thinking out aloud …)


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