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Re: state of mipsen cross toolchains

Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> 于2019年10月29日周二 上午4:51写道:
> Hi Matthias,
> On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 09:28:14PM +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > If you think, there is coordination needed, then you were probably not aware
> > of dropping mips as a release architecture and not adding it as a port.
> I'm sorry, my previous mail contained a very misleading typo. Where I
> wrote "crossbuild-essential-mips", I actually meant
> "crossbuild-essential-mipsel". No, I'm not trying to get "mips" back.
> Due to this typo, your answer does not answer any of my questions. I'm
> actually interested in the fate of the remaining release mipsen
> architectures. Or maybe I'm missing plans to remove all mipsen as
> release architectures?

So, should we make
crossbuild-essential-mipsel/crossbuild-essential-mips64el back
in src:build-essential?
I will figure out a mipsen src package and build other non-release

> > The move of the remaining two mips* targets to -cross-mipsen were
> > coordinated with YunQiang Su, however I didn't expect him adding back mips.
> It's great that you coordinated it with YunQiang Su. However
> coordinating the development of cross toolchains with debian-cross would
> seem to be a fairly obvious thing to do, no? Especially if your changes
> render cross toolchains unusable for months.
> Helmut

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