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Re: Bug#943465: fwupd is wrongly marked Multi-Arch: foreign

On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 02:46:03PM +0000, Mario.Limonciello@dell.com wrote:
> I guess by this argument it really should be made into a Depends not
> a Recommends not because fwupd internally needs it to work but to ensure
> those architecture constraints get met effectively.

Recommends work no different from depends when it comes to the
architecture constraint.

> Part of the reason to make it Recommends is that it only is needed for 4 architectures.
> I'm not sure if setting architecture specific dependencies is valid syntax, but if so
> this updated changeset should accomplish the goal.

Yes, this syntax does work. The architecture qualification is resolved
at build time and the resulting binary packages will have the dependency
exactly for those architectures that need it.

> https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/commit/88623a90fae36b61093c84198acfdba6bce3e533

This looks sane to me. Keep in mind that you also need to upload


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