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Re: [PATCH] binutils: enable s390x/ppc64el on arm64 hosts

Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru> writes:

> 12.02.2019 17:08, Alex Bennée wrote:
>> All of the release architectures should be able to build binaries for
>> the other release architectures. This is required for a number of
>> Binary-Indep packages in QEMU for example, see:
>>   #921458: dependancy on gcc-s390x-linux-gnu fails on non-x86 hosts
> Personally I don't see this as a requiriment, and treat this bug as
> not a bug, or at least a wishlist with a very low priority.


  apt-get build-dep qemu

Is broken on arm64, that's a fairly serious failure because it means you
can't rebuild QEMU binaries. I'm not sure how the buildd daemons deal with
that? Unless there is another documented way of bringing in build

> I don't see why you state that all arches should build binaries for all other
> arches.

Personally I'd be happy if we packaged cross compilers for all of
Debian's architectures but that is a personal wish. However being able
to build binaries for the other "first tier" release architectures seems
like a reasonable stepping stone. The current breakage is caused by
s390x firmware but we have firmware for the other architectures as well.

> Besides, you're missing other architectures.

Sure, I can only test what I have hardware for so for my first patch I
aimed low.

> Thanks,
> /mjt

Alex Bennée

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