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Re: Bug#859177: meson is unuseable for package cross compilation

Am 29.07.2017 um 23:29 schrieb Helmut Grohne:
> On Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 09:12:56AM +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:

>> dependency on Python. But the  debcrossgen.py code looks straightforward
>> enough to be ported to perl.
> If it ends up being shipped in debhelper, I have a few questions. What
> should I do if the cross file mostly is correct, but I need to tweak one
> line (i.e. how to override it)?

You mean as part of the Debian package build process? How would it make
a difference if debhelper calls an external binary or generate the file
directly? Can you please elaborate

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