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cross compiling perl

Hello perl people and cross people,

I've been looking into ways to cross compile perl for a while now.
Unfortunately perl looks quite resistant. I tried to improve its
./Configure to use less compile&run tests (#775940). The issue here
seems that there still is disagreement on whether ./Configure is source.
The upstream claim is that it is, but upstream also insists[1] that for
improving cross compilation, it should be regenerated, which is kinda

To me it looks like we're not getting anywhere if we try to fix
./Configure and this is sad. While the license does allow derivative
works of it, that freedom (DFSG #3) is practically lost here as patches
to it do not get applied.

I basically see two alternatives. Either we somehow record ./Configure
runs or we replace it entirely.

The first approach has been mostly implemented by Niko Tyni and he keeps
maintaining it. As far as I understand, the resulting config.sh is
recorded from native builds and stored in the source package below
debian/cross/$DEB_HOST_ARCH. Judging from the changelog, it seems that
maintaining them keeps incurring work on Niko, which is sad. It also
lacks a number of non-ports architectures and essentially any
architecture that is about to be bootstrapped.

Still those recorded config.sh are quite valuable in understanding what
perl actually needs to know. Thus I tried to reverse engineer an
approximation of ./Configure that derives its output from
dpkg-architecture and dpkg-buildflags. If it works well, it can do
arbitrary architectures (even those where we do not have a config.sh).
Unfortunately, it doesn't work well. You can find my genconfig.sh
attached and for the current unstable release it seems to guess the
output right for most settings except the following:
 * alignbytes
 * castflags
 * ccsymbols
 * cf_time (probably useless)
 * cppccsymbols
 * cppsymbols
 * d_casti32
 * d_castneg
 * doublenanbytes
 * gccversion (probably useless)
 * i_quadmath (probably defined for any-x86)
 * libc
 * libpth (strange variations)
 * libspath (strange variations)
 * longdblinfbytes
 * longdblkind
 * longdblmantbits
 * longdblnanbytes
 * longdblsize
 * myarchname
 * myuname
 * need_va_copy
 * osvers (looks arbitrary)
 * plibpth (strange variations)
 * sPRIEUldbl
 * sPRIFUldbl
 * sPRIGUldbl
 * sPRIeldbl
 * sPRIfldbl
 * sPRIgldbl
 * sSCNfldbl
 * selectminbits
 * sig_count
 * sig_name
 * sig_name_init
 * sig_num
 * sig_num_init
 * sig_size
I'm not sure whether this approach can load to something that actually
works, but I am sharing it here for discussion.

The other approach is essentially implemented already:
https://arsv.github.io/perl-cross/ This looks well-maintained for quite
a while now. I can tell that it won't work out of the box, because it
has no clue about multiarch, doesn't know about kfreebsd, hurd or musl
and oversimplifies handling of long doubles. Is this worth pursuing?

I'd like to add perl to the bootstrap testing performed on
jenkins.debian.net. Doing so would presently break mips64r6el, mipsr6el,
musl-linux-any, nios2, powerpcel, sh3, sparc, and tilegx and complicate
arm64ilp32, hurd-amd64, and kfreebsd-armhf down the road. Thus I'm
reluctant to just adding it.

Does anyone see a way forward?

I hope that it is ok to simply copy this discussion to both lists. If
not, I think we should move to only d-cross@l.d.o.


[1] https://rt.perl.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=124326

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