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Re: Cross compiling and Bug#852360

Hi Lukas,

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 08:49:27PM +0200, Lukas Schwaighofer wrote:
> The bug report mentions moving to a more recent autotools fixes the
> problem as well. Since the package uses debhelper 10 (which enables the
> autoreconf sequence by default), the configure script is regenerated
> with a newer version of autotools before being called.


> Does that mean that the snippet
> > include /usr/share/dpkg/architecture.mk
> > ifeq ($(origin CC),default)
> > export CC := $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)-gcc
> > endif
> can be removed again from debian/rules? I tried to cross compile for
> armhf without that snipped using pbuilder (following the instructions
> from https://wiki.debian.org/CrossCompiling) which worked: The correct
> compiler was called and the binaries had the same sha512sum thanks
> to reproducible builds.

I think you perfectly answered your own question. Performing a test
build under sbuild or pbuilder and looking at which compiler is being
used is a good approach to answer it. There isn't anything more to it.
Your own analysis clearly says that exporting CC is no longer necessary.

I'm also happy that apparently cross building using pbuilder is no
longer too hard for the uninitiated. Good work, Mattia! :)


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