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About nodejs-* packages and Multi-Arch


I was considering moving all my node-* packages to Multi-Arch:foreign as they're all simple source files which any nodejs interpreter can use, whatever its architecture.

And then I was told things weren't that simple because those packages depend on the nodejs package for which the Multi-Arch status isn't clearly defined yet.

I discussed it with Helmut in CC on #multiarch : as the nodejs package provides an ABI and loads some modules in binary form, it can't be Multi-Arch:foreign. But since most modules are in source form, it could still be Multi-Arch:allowed. When that is done, the node-* packages of type Architecture:all could depend on nodejs:any. At this step the question of making them Multi-Arch:foreign could be settled:

1. either by the hint on tracker.d.o ;
2. or by asking:
  (a) is the package Architecture:all?
  (b) does it have no maintainer script at all?
(c) for each dep, is it annotated :any or is the target package a M-A:foreign itself? ==>> if all are a yes, M-A:foreign is correct ; if any has a no : ask on #multiarch, because M-A:foreign might still be correct.

How does all of this sound?

Snark on #debian-js

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