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backage name for binutils xtensa ar9271

Hallo all,

i'm working a packaging WiFi firmware for Atheros ath9k-htc compatible
devices. To provide it as a free package i need patched toolchain for
custom xtensa architecture.

See https://github.com/qca/open-ath9k-htc-firmware

Since it is not compatible with other xtensa devices and can't be made
in a generic way, i need to provide patched binutils and gcc.

So, the main question is what name for this toolchain should be used. On
#debian-devel we end with fallowing variant:
- binutils-xtensa-none-ar9271

xtensa is architecture name. ar9271 is a name of the chip where
modification of this architecture was used (well we have two chips
art7010 and ar9271, the last one is most commonly used). The target is a
baremetal so - "none" is added.

Do any one have any other variant or comments about it?

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