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Bug#836535: coordinate a way to use librevenge.pc from cross-pkg-config

Package: librevenge-dev,pkg-config
Severity: normal

Hi Rene and Tollef,

I've asked Tollef to add /usr/lib/pkgconfig to the default search path
of <triplet>-pkg-config and I've asked Rene to move librevenge.pc from
/usr/lib/pkgconfig to /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkgconfig. Both of you
declined. Now we are in a situation where cross building reverse
dependencies of librevenge (e.g. libwpd) fails finding librevenge.pc.
Please agree on a way to make this work. I'll look into providing
patches for whatever you two agree on.

Specifically, the following solutions were rejected:

* #749048 add /usr/lib/pkgconfig to the search path.
* #798612 move librevenge.pc to /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkgconfig.

Please restate[1] your reasons for rejecting the proposed solutions in
this bug. Failure to do so will result in me NMUing your package
(according to the usual delayed rules). Then, please agree on an
approach that works for both of you two.

Thank you


[1] Some of the aspects were only discussed on irc thus far.

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