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Re: Recent advances in cross building src:perl

On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 11:47:32PM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> The thing about the perl config data is that mostly it all just
> depends on a few features of the arch (like type sizes, endianness and
> packing rules), but rather than just using a list of type sizes, it
> uses this huge list of things which nearly all in fact boil down to
> type sizes, endianness and packing rules.
> Some way of listing the small set of variable arch data, rather than
> the large set of perl config items dervied from it would be really
> nice (but I understand that that's hard, and really for upstream). i.e
> so we could list 15 things, not 200.

I agree that it would be nice :) Collecting the config items as build
artefacts is a step towards understanding what actually changes.

> > Also, we'll be needing experimental for staging 5.24 in a few months so
> > maybe it would be better to use a custom repository for testing this?
> I'll stick it in the 'not in debian yet' cross things repository at
> http://emdebian.org/tools/debian/ so it can be easily used/installed
> (I can give you upload rights if you want to keep it updated there for
> a while).

Oh, that's nice. I see there are quite a few architectures. Is it
autobuilt somehow?

I guess upload rights would be good, please let me know how to go
about it.

> Definitely useful, and thanks very much for moving this forward. The
> underlying issue of not being able to cross-configure still makes perl
> awkward, but being able to painlessly cross-build it after one
> bootstrap step is a major improvement. Do we need to make a new set of
> perl-config-data for every arch on every minor release still?
> Is the idea that each binary build on the buildds will generate the
> corresponding perl-config-data so they will be automatically available
> once a new upload is built on each arch?

That's exactly the idea, yes. 

There are a few version numbers in the config.sh files, so I expect
small changes on each minor upstream release, and bigger changes on
major releases. But we'll see how it goes, I haven't tried this
with any older releases yet.

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