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Re: Bug#794538: systemd / cross-building / failure in dpkg-gencontrol

Hi Steve!

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>, 2015-08-30, 00:45:
No, --arch shouldn't be repurposed to mean "produce a deb that satisfies cross-build requirements". If you want to add new functionality, that's fine. Just don't break existing functionality while you're at it.

Something like "mk-build-deps --cross --arch $hostarch" would be acceptable.

What existing functionality does this break? Using the --arch option to mk-build-deps (with a foreign arch as argument), but not using the result for purposes of cross-building, seems like an entirely theoretical use case to me.

From time to time I use mk-build-deps on my development machine, then install the resulting binary in a chroot, which is not necessary of the same architecture. I couldn't use mk-build-deps directly in the chroot, because there's no devscripts installed there.

If the package had architecture-specific build dependencies, then I would have to use -a in this scenario, even though there's no cross-building involved.

Jakub Wilk

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