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Would any cross builders find this kind of tool useful?


I have been basically doing the following and using the sysroot parameter to GCC
to set up build sandboxes for cross platform development.

#! /bin/sh

set -e

apt-get download "$@"
for II in *.deb
    ar x "$II"
    xz -d 'data.tar.xz' || gunzip 'data.tar.gz'
    tar xvf 'dat.tar'
    rm 'data.tar'
    rm "$II"

Would any cross builders here find a tool that that did the above but in a
proper way useful? This seems a lot more convenient and easy than pbuilder and
similar to me.  Most probably this will be more interesting to developers than
packagers but I thought you guys might be interested.  Also, does anyone here
have any ideas for other lists who would be interested to CC?

Thank you,
Steven Stewart-Gallus

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