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Re: reporting and helping fix bugs in packages from the debian cross-toolchains repository

+++ Jason Pearce [2015-05-27 01:22 -0500]:
> I've looked through the CrossToolchains wiki page a few times but haven't
> figured out how to submit or help with bugs found in the Jessie
> cross-toolchains that are made available from the emdebian.org repository.  If
> this isn't the right place to talk about this, a pointer in the right direction
> would be helpful and the rest of this message can then be ignored.  : )

Filing bugs against cross-gcc-dev (binary) or cross-gcc (source)
package is probably best, but this mailing list is a good place too.

> If this is the best place for for discussing the issue, the specific problem is
> in linking C++ code on jessie:amd64 when targeting arm-linux-gnueabi. Even an
> empty main function will fail to link with the following errors.

Hmm, that sounds quite broken. I'll take a look and get back to you.

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