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Re: Bug#774129: should dpkg-buildpackage set the cross build profile automatically?


Quoting Wookey (2014-12-29 13:14:20)
> I have a feeling that dpkg-buildpackage should do 'policy' level build things
> so if the above became policy then dpkg-buildpackage should probably make
> sure it gets done. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is indeed that if even
> the low-level build tool does this automatically then how do you turn it off?
> Is there is fact no good reason to ever want to?

on the topic of who should automatically set a certain build profile and how to
deactivate it (if desired for whatever reason), my message to d-devel might be
of interest:


It explores the idea of allowing an architecture or distribution dependent set
of profiles which are activated by default to remove the architecture lists
currently attached to many dependencies as well as to minimize the diff between
packaging of different vendors.

I don't want to conflate these two discussions, but maybe it is worth keeping
this possible future use case of build profiles in mind when discussing who
should activate the "cross" profile in particular and how it could be
deactivated if desired.

So just my 2 cents.

cheers, josch

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