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Re: gcc-cross-dev details and future plans

Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> writes:

> +++ Dima Kogan [2014-12-17 18:24 -0800]:
>> In the master branch, I was using the debian/target file to specify the
>> target arch
> So I'd vote for applying the 773065 patch and just using
> --target-arch

That's a good idea. I'll move to that.

>> And now, a larger question. What is the PURPOSE of the cross-gcc-dev
>> package? Helmut needed something he could apt-get install that contained
>> the patches, and he's only using those; not the scripts. 
> < snipped some very good arguments >

Helmut, I read your points too. Thanks for those. I clearly didn't fully
realize that with the new method the patches do not end up shipped in
the cross-gcc-$arch packages, but have a single copy in cross-gcc-dev,
just like the rules do. Given that, perhaps the latter piece of my
previous email could have made more sense.

The reason I want to at least have the option of building the toolchains
using the old way is to limit extra complexity in the automatic
building/patching script.

The extra steps would be

- build cross-gcc-dev package
- install it to some temporary, local location for sbuild to be able to
  find it (required because cross-gcc-$arch sources Build-Depends on
- when the first set of toolchains is built with the new cross-gcc-dev,
  upload cross-gcc-dev to the archive

Let me see if I can reduce the complexity of this in some other way, or
just bite the bullet and deal with it.


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