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Consolidating all cross toolchain discussions


Currently most of the cross-building/bootstrap/profiles/etc discussion
happens on a scattered set of IRC channels and not on any particular
mailing list. I think this is unideal because

- there're too many IRC channels involved, which involves work for a user to
  follow everything

- Debian IRC channels aren't logged (intentionally)

- dealing with IRC involves more proactive work than mailing lists, since those
  are just email

I propose to:

1. Move any non-trivial discussion from IRC to a mailing list. I propose the
already-existing debian-cross mailing list

2. Consolidate all the related IRC channels into a single one. There's much
overlap in the people involved, and a single channel is easier. I propose the
newly-created #debian-cross IRC channel

The set of channels #debian-cross replaces can be

- #emdebian
- #multiarch
- #debian-bootstrap
- #debian-toolchain

Any others? Should any of these NOT be replaced?

I think this whole exercise is only useful if we actually shut down the old
channels with a message to join the new channel. If the old channels remain,
then people will keep using them, which defeats the whole point. We can set the
Topic on the old channels directing the joiners to #debian-cross, and we can
take away talking privileges (from all non-operators) with

 /msg chanserv quiet #whatever add *

So a user joins an old channel, can't say anything, and sees the topic to join


First off, I'd like to get some form of consensus about doing this at all and
about the specific set of IRC channels to shut down and the specific new
channel, mailing list.

Wiki should be updated. At least these:
- https://wiki.debian.org/IRC
- https://wiki.debian.org/IRC/Operators

Current IRC bots need to be moved. At least the KGB bot on #debian-bootstrap
should be moved

Then the old channels will need to be shut down. Only the operators can do that.
Currently we have this:

| IRC channel       | Ops                                        |
| #emdebian         | zumbi, wookey, nchip, GyrosGeier, codehelp |
| #multiarch        | vorlon                                     |
| #debian-bootstrap | not registered. No ops.                    |
| #debian-toolchain | waldi                                      |

#debian-bootstrap was never registered and no ops are logged in. I THINK this
means that nobody is allowed to touch the settings and the channel will need to
empty out before we can control it. I might be wrong.

So please comment. I already made #debian-cross to familiarize myself with
chanserv. Feel free to log in and play with it.

I'm sending this only to the debian-cross mailing list since I think (yes?) most
people are already on it. Let me know if there are other places to send this.


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