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Debian Bootstrap Sprint

How about a Bootstrap Sprint?

We (Helmut Grohne and I) think that now is a very good time to have a
sprint on bootstrapping (and build profiles).

This mail was sent to the people most relevant/interested last week,
but I forgot to CC: this list. And the convenely link was
wrong. Corrected one here.

Hopefully enough people are interested and we can arrange a time when most
of us can attend soon enough to get useful fixes into jessie.

There are a number of subjects around toolchain and architecture
bootstrapping, cross-toolchains, build-profiles and
dependency/bootstrap metadata which we would like to have working
solutions for in Jessie.

There is a sugested agenda here: 

A sprint would be really good for fixing some of the known bugs recorded at
and discussing/working on the right way to deal with the wider issues. If we
could get the gcc, eglibc, dpkg, cross-toolchain, and build-profile
people all together we should be able to make some good progress.

Given people's locations it looks like Germany would make sense, but
Paris (Irill) could also make sense, and I have Cambridge (ARM) for a
back-up plan (easy to arrange but only ideally located for me :-).

Also we want to do this sooner rather than later so we have a chance
to get things into Jessie. So I am aiming for June or July if possible.

Feedback required from people:
1) Are you interested to attend?
2) Weekend or weekday preferred?
3) When are you available? (Convenely poll here: http://convenely.com/event/prxbmW )
3) Preferred location (Hildesheim, Essen-Horst, Paris, Cambridge - other suggestions? 
      Does location affect availability?)
4) Would you need Debian travel and/or accom sponsorship?

Irill, Paris. Keen to host us (weekends only) (in July - june is full)
Linuxhotel (Essen-Horst). Available weekends: June 27/29, July 11/13 onwards
ARM can host us. Dates not checked yet, can be weekdays too.
Pengutronix in Hildesheim may be able to host (at a weekend only, but no-one has committed to do that).

linuxhotel provides accom on site at 60€ shared, 90€ single rooms

Please try to respond promptly as time is relatively short. (Prod to
those who got this last week and haven;t responded yet, and thanks to
those that have).

(July 19-Aug 5 I'm caving in Austria so might be able to get to a
German event en-route, but would prefer to avoid those slots. But if
that's when everyone else can do...)

Principal hats:  Linaro, Emdebian, Wookware, Balloonboard, ARM

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