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Join Freexian to help improve Debian


Freexian has set new ambitious goals[1] in support of Debian and we would
like to expand our team to help us reach those goals. We drafted a mission
statement[2] to clarify our purpose and values, and we hope to be able to
attract talented software developers, entrepreneurs and Debian experts
from our community.

If Debian is an important part of your life, if improving Debian is
something that you enjoy doing, if you have enough skills and Debian
expertise to match some of the roles that we described on our "Join us"[3]
page, then we would love to hear from you at gerants@freexian.com, so we
can figure out a way to work together.

[1] https://www.freexian.com/apropos/index.html#ambition
[2] https://www.freexian.com/apropos/index.html#mission
[3] https://www.freexian.com/apropos/join-us.html

Here are some more details about the profiles that we are looking for:
the perfect candidate adheres to our mission statement and our values, and
has the skills required for at least two of the three roles described

# Software developers

We need developers who are able to provide security updates for our
customers. Requirements: 

* have a good understanding of computer security issues;
* be able to read and write code in many different programming languages;
* know Debian packaging and Debian security-related processes.

Developers will also be tasked to build Freexian's internal infrastructure
and new service offerings. Our software stack is based on Python (and
Django for the web part).

# Entrepreneurs

We see ourselves as entrepreneurs and we are eager to experiment new
business models that could help us to fund Debian development but we lack
time to try out all our ideas. We are thus looking for other persons who
consider themselves as entrepreneurs. Requirements: 

* be willing to invest time in new ideas without immediate reward;
* be able to juggle with many different responsibilities;
* be able to coordinate the work within a team (including development work);
* be able to formalize processes and design associated infrastructure.

# Debian experts

We need Debian experts that have a broad experience in IT and building
custom solutions with Debian. We have customers that are looking for our
help to: 

* audit their infrastructure and workflows, often in relationship with
  building their own derivative;
* troubleshoot problems;
* package software for Debian;
* better interact with Debian;
* get advice on new projects, etc.

Have a nice day!
Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Freexian SARL ◈ Tel: +33 (0)6 88 21 35 47

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