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Re: repositories for AMD 64 apps

On 06/27/2010 09:19 AM, John W Foster wrote:
> TO ALL: anyone that knows of ANY applications, drivers, that are
> designed to run in native 64bit AMD architecture especially those with
> GPLed source code available...Please send me the site of the apps, if
> they are your creations I would like to package them for Debian. I am
> not a Debian developer and not qualified to repackage them for Debian
> distro. I will however make those available for public consumption if
> you wish it, on a non-developer site. Its a real shame that I waited 5
> years to build a proper 64bit system then I discover there is VERY
> little native 64bit software available.
> Thanks 
> John
As far as I'm aware, Debian's AMD64 repo is mostly 64bit, with only
exceptions being certain 3rd party apps from vendors like Adobe.

Under certain circumstances, it's often better to have a 32bit firefox,
32bit java browser plugin, et cetera. This is b/c the 64bit Adobe Flash
plugin tends to be... hard to come by (the beta was closed recently).

I wouldn't be overly concerned, unless you find an app that is broken on
64bit (an old one from Debian Lenny [and older] is procinfo-18. Squeeze
replaces it with [my] procinfo-ng. I really should make another release
of procinfo-ng).

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