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Need source for php4 packages for any deb distro

Hi all,

this is probably crying for flames but I need to ask anyway:

I have a customer who is running a very large project on PHP4. Because
of subtle object usage details in programming, a port to PHP5 would be
pretty identical to a complete rewrite (about 6-8 man-months estimated)
and is not financially feasible because of short budgets (like
However, a server upgrade is on the list (they still run sarge) and I
need to know if anyone knows about a repository or something where
anyone hosts some sort of more-or-less-maintained backport repository
for ANY debian or deb-based Linux-Distribution that still gets security
updates! (they are on sarge, currently)

Please dont tell me that they wont get around a PHP upgrade sooner or
later because I know and I told them and they dont want it now. All I
want to do is make the best out of the situation and to achieve that I
need to move away from sarge, to get at least an OS with security
updates which would be an improvement already.

If you have any hint, I'd strongly appreciate a reply.

Thank you!

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