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Money thro' linux related publishing?

Dear all,

     First of all I humbly apologize for the cross post.

     If you were in my situation perhaps you will understand. That is no
     excuse however. Let me quickly come to the point.

     I am Girish Venkatachalam and I make a living out of writing
     technical articles for the benefit of the worldwide open source
     community. Check out some of my articles.


     This is my *only* revenue stream and living in India I am able to
     somehow pull on as I am not married. This income gives me enough
     money to hack open source and write open source software.

     However I am faced with a very ugly situation and I request your
     opinion/advice upon the matter.

     There is a reputed linux publishing house ( a website) that owes me
     1000$ which they shuld have paid me in the month of May 2007.

     This website has contacted debian-project@ some time ago in
     relation with making the website the official forum of Debian
     or some such thing. Sigh!

     I have tried contacting them several times and though I have
     written several high quality articles for them and my articles
     regularly got "dugg" and I am sure the website made quite a bit of
     money through my articles, I still get a very nasty response from
     the CEO of the company.

     I am feeling agitated that the money that I am planning to buy
     hardware for writing open source drivers is not coming thro'.

     Please let me know if I can initiate legal action or somehow
     recover this hard earned money.

     I believe that we as a community should punish such irresponsible
     people who make money in the name of open source and forget the 
     wonderful ideals of open source culture in the name of business.

     Doing high end technical work from a developing nation can be
     really painful...

     Thank you.

     In case I took up your invaluable time for a purely personal issue
     I beg your pardon.

     I most sincerely hope that none of you land in trouble like me.

     Please be wary of such cheats.

When your mind is purified like a mirror knowledge is reflected in it.
                                    Adi Sankaracharya, Hindu saint

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