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representing Debian at a Tunisian IT seminar (was: Re: Request from Tunisia)

Op do 15 feb 2007 om 01:44:28 +0100 schreef Fourat Zouari:
> Hello,
> Am reprensenting a Tunisian company (TriTUX) wich is already subscribed as a
> Debian consultant.
> We're a company 100% specialized in Debian based solutions, we've got a big
> variety of customers, telecom operators, ISPs ...
> We were invited by the state to have a talk in a seminary taking place in
> Tunisia on February, 28th.
> The theme of the seminary is : There's free software, there's commercial
> software, we should'nt ingore each one's existance.
> Our mission will be to defend the Debian especially, Free world and Open
> Source philosophy generally.
> There will be Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Oracle and other giants.
> And am willing to get some help from the community, if it's possible, some
> flyers, posters, gadgets supporting Debian ...
> In other way, how can the community should help us representing it ?

The information on http://www.debian.org/events/material might be
helpful for you.

Cc-ing the debian-events-eu list, since the people there might have more
useful tips for you.



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