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Debian admin needed

Full time Perm job only. Onsite in Massachusetts only. No telecommuting.  Great salary


We are hiring a  network administrator skilled in GNU/Linux and BSD Unix-based environments.

Maintain Debian GNU/Linux servers in a mission-critical, environment

 Develop new technologies to help manage a large number of servers

Expert Debian GNU/Linux administration skills (i386 and/or amd64)

Experience maintaining networks of medium to large-scale server farms

Strong networking experience with OpenBSD (Packet Filter, Routing, QoS)

Security-conscious and thorough understanding of fundamental networking principles, including protocols such as TCP, UDP, IPv4/6, BGP

Strong experience with scripting languages like Perl, PHP, BASH CSH

Performance evaluation and tuning of MySQL 5.x (Replication + Clustering) and Apache2 + PHP5


Email me your resume, contact information and salary expectations along with your availability. Thanks


Ken Rosenfield

Director of Business Development

Universal Software Corporation

O  Tues and Wed only 603-689-2607

O: Mon, Thurs, and Friday  203-894-8772

F: 603-598-0739

C; 978-328-7715







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