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Quarantine Attachments

Your message with subject Re: Your picture sent on 04/09/2004, 04:49:17
PM contained one or more attachments not allowed by ChevronTexaco and
was blocked.  

CAUTION - ChevronTexaco Corporation has detected one or more computer
viruses in an Email message sent through our Email system.  The infected
message was blocked and will not be delivered to recipients hosted by
ChevronTexaco computer systems.

Please run an antivirus application to ensure your computer is free from
viruses prior to sending additional Email.  

Information about the affected message follows:

Message Date: 04/09/2004, 04:49:17 PM
Message Subject: Re: Your picture
Message Recipients:


Reason: Virus Scanner found the 
 W32/Netsky.d@MM virus
   in the attached file: your_picture.pif

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