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Re: removing debian-consultants list

cameron@clueinc.net writes:

> 3: Re: getting Debian support from Rackspace, etc.
> I occasionally wind up deploying on RedHat, because most managed hosting
> outfits (like Rackspace) don't support Debian.  I find this intensely
> annoying, because I've become accustomed to the nice, smooth upgrades I
> get with dselect.  Can we organize petitions?  Can we organize some sort
> of commercial support collective (per Conrad Wood's suggestion)?  Can we
> refer each other to the handfull of ISPs that see things our way?  Can
> we pool resources and set up our own managed hosting environment?

My reply is to a message over half a year old, but what you are looking
for might be www.hostsharing.net.  They are running Debian and they word
their intentions as "applying the open source philosophy to managed
hosting".  They used to host in the US, but now their servers are all in
Germany.  If there is sufficient demand, I guess they might restart
providing services there in case that is necessary.

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