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Wanted: Debian Systems Backup and Recovery Consultant

My employer is seeking a consultant to design and implement a network backup
and recovery system for roughly 5TB of Software Engineering data and source
code across over 20 different Debian GNU/Linux machines. A successful
candidate will be able to produce a functional, documented system that runs
with little or no manual intervention within the contract time limit of 30
days. A solution based on Free software is preferred, but the company is
also prepared to pay for proprietary software if needed.

Current backups are run via Amanda to an ADIC Scalar 100, with some
difficulty. The ADIC unit is a multislot LTO jukebox with 5 drives. The
robot is shared with Corporate IT, and some of the drives are permanently
assigned for Microsoft Windows backups with Veritas NetBackup. An ideal
solution will continue to share the changer, but if more hardware is needed
it can be purchased.

Experience with Amanda and Veritas Netbackup is a plus. Experience with
BitKeeper is a plus. Experience with Debian GNU/Linux, backup and recovery,
and large storage systems is required.

Send resumes and interview requests, along with your rate information to

Brian Ristuccia

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