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Re: Debian Consulting

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 06:24:04PM -0700, Rich Bodo wrote:
> > Removal of the list would be a very unfortunate sign, a sign that debian
> > consulting is not a widespread thing, that debian consultants do not
> > communicate well, that debian consulting is in fact quite marginal.  I
> > think this is actually the case.
> Interesting thread #1.  Debian consulting is dead.  I agree.
> Relatively speaking, it's dead.  It's a matter of user base as much as
> marketing.  Users are marketing.  That's an FSB advantage.  RedHat has
> both users and dollars to market with.  Debian only has users.  Given
> the absolutely vast superiority of the Debian Linux OS over RedHat,
> one is led to ask, why can't we make up for the dollars with users?
> The answer is, I believe, that we don't care.  Not enough of us do,
> anyway.  I do, you do, but most debian developers have no idea what
> possible value a larger user base and proactive marketing effort could
> have for them.  What's even sadder than that?  The people who
> understand that Debian's future is at stake don't care enough to beat
> it through the skulls of the lemmings.

Rather than lamenting that fact, why not work at the issue by proactively
enlarging the user base and marketing? It's not like the Debian Project will
attempt to deter anyone from doing something like this (and even if someone
tells you differently, they can hardly succeed). I guess even a trademark
infringement suit would be hard to win if you don't actually abuse the
trademark. :)


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